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but no hardbody.Also私人情侣作爱视频网站

Cynthia and I were married young.She was 19 and I had just turned 21. My name's Tim and this is our story.Cindy, or Sin-dy as I'd write it on certain types of notes I might leave her, was my ideal girl.5'3", cute, with a smile to light up a room.She was slim with C cups and a tight little ass just like I like'em. Her hair was light brown, wavy and came down to her shoulders. I'm 5-10, always played enough sports to be in decent shape, but no hardbody.Also, in the interest of truth and full disclosure, I'm not packing any porn star cock.Just under 6" on my best day although no doubt a bit thicker than average.Cindy never complained.That first year we fucked like bunnies.It was heaven.While Cindy was up for anything, she had to be prodded to be inventive.Generally I'd come up with idea, fantasy play, light bondage and such.Then one gloomy rainy Sunday morning after a nice early morning fuck session I had my best idea yet.One that would bring all kinds of adventure in the months ahead - NAKED DAY."Naked Day?", Cindy asked with a confused look."Yep, Naked Day", I replied, "We get out of bed naked as we are now and go about our day here wearing nothing at all.It's not like we're going anywhere on a shitty day like this.""You just want to look at my body all day.""Can you blame me?You look sexy as hell.""You'll have a boner all day.""Well, if you see something you like feel free."So we did it.Naked Day.And we did it.A few times.Well I was 21.And she was hot.Not to over do it Naked Day was a rarity.Something we did on days with no errands to run and no reason to go out, and not expecting visitors.But we had some great fun.Like the day I called Naked Day, then we painted the dining room.That was hot and led to a vigorous fuck session on the paint dripped drop cloth.Then a follow up when we showered together to get the paint off.There were rules.Absolutely no clothes all day for any reason.If the doorbell rang, it was ok to put on a robe to go down the stairs from our second floor apartment to the outside door.One exception was parents.OK, we'd dress for them, cause you can't just send them away. (It's not THAT kind of story, sorry)But we did add rules, or options, as we went along just to keep it interesting.There was the time I called for a no boner option. An experiment of sorts.All day long, if I got a hardon, Cindy would take care of it.Every time.I got a blowjob, a handjob (with facial), fucked in every room and in numerous positions.By night time I could barely dribble any cum.Cindy had certainly met the challenge.Another time Cindy called no boner rule, with a Cindy option.I wasn't allowed to get a hardon, no matter what.If I did, I owed her a dollar for every minute hard.She collected a good bit from me while teasing me with her amazing body all day.That's the day she measured my cock for the numbers I used earlier.Then we get to the day when it all got a bit crazy.It was just after Cynthia's 20th birthday.We woke up and made good use of my morning wood.I saw the rain on the window, then we looked at each other - Naked Day!After showers we were back in bed, I was kissing her neck and working my way down to her youthful firm breasts. Kissing the left while pinching the right nipple, Cindy's moans told me she was in the mood for more.Continuing to tease her boob with my tongue I slid my left hand down her stomach past the trimmed patch of hair to her pussy. Slowly slipping my finger between her lips I massage her and explored her opening. I continued kissing lower and lower until I brought my tongue to join my fingers.First probing with my tongue then finding her clit I smiled when I heard the sharp breath, then the heavier panting as I continued my assault on her bud. Varying my pressure and speed I let her build until latching on and sucking her clit I heard that sound I loved - "FUCK, oh FUCK, Unghhhhhhhhh, uh, uh, aaaah!!"Cindy came down from her orgasm and pulled me up to face her. We kissed deeply.Neither of us are opposed to coming in contact with our own juices. Sensing that Cindy needed to rest a bit I happily put aside my physical needs for the moment.I got up, naked of course and went to put on the coffee. I settled down on the recliner with the Sunday paper and my coffee.My cock was resting on my upper thigh.For those who might be interested, I've pretty much got four modes.My penis can turtle up pretty small when not needed.Then there's the "got some promise" mode I was in now.Soft but stretched out a bit looking like it promised some good size.Then there's hard enough to fuck and finally hard enough to break through a wall.Since I'd just teased myself by enjoying Cindy without release myself I wasn't going to turtle.So I relaxed.Cindy got up and went down the hall to get some coffee.That's when the doorbell range.Since she was up Cindy called "I'll get it" down the hall.She grabbed a robe from the bathroom and opened the door down to the outside door. "Oh crap,厨房里抱着岳丰满大屁股毛毛 it's my sister Sandy.What do I do?""Tell her you're busy""But she won't care, not like I can send her away""Then tell her it's Naked Day," I said mischievously.Cindy rolled her eyes and went down stairs. I really couldn't hear them talking but it sounded like Sandy really wanted to come in and had something to tell Cindy.Sandy is her younger sister by two years, so she would have been 18 at the time.She has a differnet look that isn't really my type, a bit taller at 5-6 a bit heavier, without really being overweight, smaller boobs and a more generous ass.Now I could hear her - "Oh bullshit.You're telling me you and Tim are just naked up there?All day?I'm calling BS, let me in."Cindy came back up the stairs, "She says she wants to come in.""You warned her."Now I wasn't sure who was calling whose bluff.Sandy got to the top of the stairs and stopped as Cindy removed her robe."You are fucking naked.You just come out of the shower?""No, I was just getting coffee," Cindy said calmly.This was no big deal to her.They'd seen each other changing before.Then Sandy came down the hall."Now we'll see who's full of crap."I put the paper up to cover my face so we didn't make eye contact right away.My cock tingled but remained resting."Nice dick bro in law.So you freaks really are just hanging around nude.""Yep, and thanks.Cindy doesn't complain,""No actually she says you fill her nicely."You guys talk about what we do?""Of course, we're sisters.But she never mentioned being naked all day.""You're lucky we didn't put in the guests have to be naked too rule, yet." With that Cindy joined her sister in the doorway, "What rule is that?""It's a new one to discourage guests."Sandy, "Hell no, I wasn't prepared to be naked in front of you two." "Someone hasn't shaved their legs.""Or something else."With all this naked talk and my teen sister in law checking out my cock it did start to come alive a bit."Good thing it's not no boner day", Cindy said with a grin."no boner, what?""Don't ask.Now what did you want to tell me?Come in the dining room and let Timmy rest."I settled back in my recliner and went back to my paper.I really couldn't hear much of the conversation until Cindy's voice raised a bit,"What? You saw it? How? When?""Shh, yes he must have thought I wasn't home and was walking back to his room from the shower.""and you said it was big?Who knew our little Johnny."Now I knew that they were talking about their brother John.He was 17, tall skinny.And apparently packing.This conversation was too interesting, so I went for my second cup of coffee. "So what's this I'm hearing?Sandy getting to be an expert on checking out family jewels?""Oh fuck off, it was an accident, but the kid's dick is a lot longer than what you've got poking out there."I relized that I now had a "hard enough to fuck" going."Yeah, well I never said I was WELL endowed" Cindy, maybe feeling sorry for me reached out and gave it a stroke, which perked me up a bit more."Sorry Tim", Sandy said, "he was hanging soft and it was more than that.""Damn, well good for him.""Well I better get going, you two look like you may have some work to do.Freaks."Sandy left and as Cindy closed the door she turned to me."Poor baby, needs some consolation."Cindy dropped to her knees in the hallway and wrapped her hand around my now, very hard cock.She gave it a couple of strokes then reached out with her tongue and licked the head.Leaning forward she slid more and more of my rigid cock into her mouth. She get about half in and used her tongue licking the underside then up to the tip, coaxing a drop of pre-cum from the opening.Swirling her tongue around the head, using her right hand she gently squeezed my balls.Next she eased my cock into her mouth until her nose touched the hairs above my cock.She slowly withdrew, then rubbed her middle finger around the tip then sucking on her finger.Returning my cock to her mouth she took it all the way in then did something she'd never done before. She took her middle finger and slid it into my anus.I came.Hard. Straight into her throat.Wave after wave of cum. She took most like a champ with some running out the side of her mouth. My legs weakening I dropped down to my knees and kissed her deeply tasting myself on her tongue.