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two of us asshole私人情侣作爱视频网站

Guy: Tuesday Morning I saw Imelda off for home about two hours ago, she has her business and I have mine but having a nice night alone with the wife or wives is always a good thing. I put our early morning conversation on the back burner as I proceed to handle the current task at hand. First thing is Stuart walking into the tech center that was once Claire’s living room and immediately he starts unplugging things while talking with Jun. Apparently he knows a better way to set up the equipment and even starts putting color coded tabs on the more high tech systems so that reassembly at a later date will be easier. Biggest point is that Jun is happy with the changes and is off to the races to find our wayward hacker that Mr. Weisner has on his payroll at best and freelanced at worst. I am giving out orders to my team as Claire and her boys listen quietly from the kitchen, Isaac is on Mr. Weisner while I put Wilma on standby with Stuart for phase one on the hacker. Ben is quiet this morning but when I tell him to find me an ally with Mrs. Montgomery’s former bosses he’s happy to get on to business. I swear Wilma is a robot some days; Katy has her so geared to whatever she says that if Katy tells her ‘Martha Stewart’ the woman just starts cleaning and cooking. She made breakfast for everyone this morning and after the cleaning crew overhauled the house she’s doing a wonderful job of keeping it up to a better standard. I notice that Claire has been upstairs for a couple minutes and I decide to look in on her and see she has her phone out and is talking to someone. “I found him Meri…. Yes I found your mystery man…. No he’s here and I didn’t tell him that you were the one who pointed me towards the PI down there…. He’s not going to do anything he’s not scary like you said he would be,” Claire says turning and seeing me in the doorway of her bedroom. “Claire hand me the phone,” I tell her holding out my hand. Slowly she hands me her smart phone and I smile as I look at the name, Meredith is very familiar to me. “Hello? Claire are you there,” I hear Meredith ask from the other end. “Hello Meredith,” I say into the phone smiling. “Oh my god Guy. I swear I didn’t tell her your name or anything, I promise I didn’t think she’d find you. Please don’t come after me,” Meredith says into the phone fearful and panicking. “Meredith I want you to calm down please, I’m not mad but I am… disappointed. Your friend, now our friend, was in trouble and you didn’t call me? Meri I am beginning to think you don’t want me as a friend anymore,” I say into the phone still smiling while Claire sits on her bed scared for her friend. “Guy I am sorry I didn’t mean to betray your trust. After everything you did for me and my family I still feel like I owe you,” Meredith says trying to plead to my merciful side. “Meredith again please calm down, take a few breaths,” I say waiting for her fear to tone down a few notches,” Now I’m not mad about what happened, you didn’t give her me you gave her someone else who had information on me. That’s not covered and you are not to blame, if you were do you think we’d be having this conversation over the phone?” “No Guy, you’d be here in person,” Meri says finally relaxing. “Alright now tell the kids I said hi and if I’m in your area I’ll call ahead and we can catch up okay,” I tell her quietly ending the call after our goodbyes and handing the phone to Claire. “So she’s okay,” Claire asks and I nod,” I was trying to tell her you were okay with me finding you.” “I’ll be okay with it when I’m paid for what I’m going to do with your old coworker,” I state with a smile before heading back down stairs. How do you pass the time when legwork is being done, well if you’re me you distract yourself with details and you answer questions about the latter parts of the job while you wait for the information to start the next step. With the busy Monday and the re setup and assignments I decide to plan my final act of this opus. Mrs. Montgomery relays as much information over the next couple days to Jun and Lilly. Names are given to faces for her but as far as the boys are concerned I’m some weird man with money. I let them be save for paying them for cleaning their rooms and making sure they aren’t in my people’s way. We get to Thursday when Stuart and Jun present me with a target, one Henry Greenbucket. I peruse the file and there’s even a picture while Jun tells me what I’m reading. “Okay so this foster child goes through the system for a couple years and is taken in by a family that changes his name which he allows, think Chinese but raised white,” Jun says and I snicker. “Is that anything like Japanese but raised white,” Ben adds over the comms and people chuckle. “Funny Ben, anyway he’s got skill but he’s had a couple run ins with the law. Petty theft, possession of stolen property, just little stuff. I’m looking at his hacks, they’re pretty bad,” Jun finishes the assessment of skill as Lilly takes over. “He’s a cipher at best, a tool at the worst. He doesn’t fit in anywhere so he just does what he thinks makes him unique and different. He’s single mostly because he just tries to please whoever he’s with for as short of a time as he’s with them. He’s done the dating sites and even hacked his own profile to keep the admins from seeing him avoiding the dating traps,” Lilly tells the team and I realize that Stuart has been focusing on something. “Stuart anything to add,” I ask and now all eyes are on the protégé. “Ummm sir I think that is the best point, I mean I don’t know if you can pull a date out of the site for him but Jun and I can hack his system on site and have the police after him which will keep him out of the loop long enough for you to get Mrs. Montgomery into her meeting,” Stuart answers me a little unsure and I smile. “Good start Stuart, hit him where he’s weakest but we’re not going to trust a random date to keep him busy, we have something much better,” I tell them and turn my gaze to Wilma. “Do I have to fuck him? I really don’t want to fuck him if I’m not going to enjoy it,” Wilma says a little shy. “We’ll get you out of the room but first we need to figure out what would attract him the most,” I tell her as Jun chimes in. “How about wet and willing,” my second in command, Jun, jokes and we all laugh. “Lilly get Wilma a type or feel for what this dumbass is interested in and Jun help build the details. I am shooting for the weekend people that means we needs speed and stupid luck or we go to plan B,” I tell my crew and am stopped by Claire as I’m heading out back with her dog on a leash. “What is plan B,” She asks quietly. “Plan B is I take him off the street and beat him so bad he has to be hospitalized for the next six months,” I reply with a smile and watch her face pale,” Claire this person had no trouble ruining your life for money. Welcome to the wheel, because it’s turning in your direction again.” I’m outside with the cute little Corgi I’ve renamed Cutie, it’s a nicer name and I honestly like this little pup when I realize I’m not alone. The older of the two boys, Thomas has joined me in the backyard flanked by his brother Michael. Two tall, almost my height boys, both about average build with short cropped hair and generic ‘I’m so hard wannabe’ clothes on. I let Cutie pee as I wait to hear what the oldest has to say. “So you need to back off my mom,” Thomas starts in. “Really, and why do you say that,” I ask looking up,” I mean really Thomas what makes you think I’m intimidating her?” “No you trying to creep up in my moms and I’m not cool with that, and you call me ‘T’,” Thomas says and I almost have to laugh. “Creep up in your moms? Well Thomas, no I won’t indulge your fantasy, ask why I shouldn’t take a liking to your mother? I am here to help her out,” I ask waiting for a plausible answer. “Cause you white man,” Michael states and I laugh. “Oh my god, I’m white,” I look at myself shocked and startled,” Boys you might want to rethink this talk. I am not sure you fully understand who you’re talking to.” “We know exactly what kind of asshole you are. Same as that asshole that got Mom fired after he decided he was done with her,” Thomas says getting in my face. “Boy back down now, I haven’t whipped the ass of a teenager since I was one but you make a good point so let me explain. STUART,” I don’t back down but calling to my protégé is a bonus. Stuart comes out the back quickly and notes the situation quietly moving to my side as Thomas backs up a little ready for a fight. Good kid looking out for his mom but he’s bordering on suicide here. I take my old jacket, my favorite piece of clothing off and hand it to Stuart who is happy to watch someone get told. Next I pull off my t shirt and as built as I am and even with my tattoos the boys aren’t backing down. Familial loyalty is a good thing, shame it’s misplaced. “You think because you have a gym membership that means shit, two of us asshole,” Thomas barks as I see his mother at the back door. “Thomas and Michael get your asses over here now,” Claire says silencing all in the back yard save for one. “Let them have their day, I won’t hurt them much. Just their pride and they are right to come to the defense of their mother,” I state as Thomas and Michael start to look in between their mother and I. I watch as Claire stands at her back door nervous when Michael pushes past his brother and starts taking wild swings at me. Sidestepping and ducking is pretty easy and I wait till he oversteps a wild right and taking his wrist pull him off balance and trip him over my leg. He is eating grass and confused when I catch a very good high kick coming at my head as Thomas joins the fray. I hold his foot and start walking causing him to hop after me, I don’t smile, this isn’t fun for me as they’re trying to prove a point. Sadly so am I as I shove Thomas’s leg to the ground and step inside his striking range giving him a hard three finger tap on the top of his head. I watch him recoil as his little brother rushes me for a tackle at my waist. A twist of my hips and a quick griping of his shoulders with my hands and Michael rolls across the yard stunned. Another blind shot, this one a punch, comes from Thomas and I catch the fist in my hand and squeeze. He’s trying to stand at first but when his knuckle pops he starts to buckle and in short order he’s on his knees. I release his hand and stand there looking in between the two of them. “Stuart please tell Wilma I need an ice pack and the first aid kit,” I tell my protégé who quickly heads back inside,” Claire may I please speak with your boys alone?” She nods and Stuart returns with my requested items and leaves me my shirt and jacket as I show Thomas how to massage his hand to help the pain lessen before using ice. Michael is rattled but no worse for wear as I sit with them in the grass and decide it’s time to level with them. “I didn’t know your dad but I read up on him, he was a strong good man. It’s right of you to defend your mother but I’m not the bad guy. If your Dad were here now I’d be happy to sit him down and enjoy a conversation with a good man and father,” I tell them and see the confusion on their faces. “Why are you after our Mom,” Thomas asks confused. “I’m not after her she was after me. Mr. Wiesner wronged your mom. All of us can agree on that,” I ask getting a nod from both,” I’m here to make sure Mr. Weisner finds out how painful what he did to your mother was.” “Dad wouldn’t want you to hurt the man, it’s wrong,” Michael says and realizes his words. “That feeling you are getting of guilt, let that shit go. It doesn’t serve a purpose, defending your mother was right but I’m not the one to worry about,” I tell them and they nod slowly. “So how do you do all that,” Thomas asks and I smile. “Five in the morning I roll out of bed, get my shoes on and after running more miles than Stuart would care to do come home and go right to my gym for the weights. By eight in the morning I’ve worked out harder than the ‘gym membership’ crowd does all week. I do this because when two well meaning teenage boys defend their mother’s honor I don’t hurt them in ways that would leave permanent damage,” I explain and they both seem to suffer a little embarrassment,” Someday if you are ready and able I’ll take you in and maybe show you how to do what I do.” Both boys look at me confused and I leave them to talk and think about what I said as I stand and head back inside pulling my shirt back on. Everyone is looking at me as if to ask ‘is everything okay’ and I nod letting them get back to work. Plan is in the works for Mr. Greenbucket as I relax and sit with Claire, she smiles at me with a look of thanks for talking with her boys and treating them like young men. I smile back, she’s a good mother and all angry boys need a good mother. I know that better than most.Stuart: Friday Evening My plan, well partly my plan all hinges on setting up someone on a date and then letting Desmond kick in the door and beat their ass. Granted the person he’s kicking the shit out of is a fully deserving of the ass kicking but still I was looked to on this plan and now here I am waiting in a hotel room. What am I waiting for? Wilma is currently getting herself ready for a seduction which shouldn’t take too long and a knock on the door shakes me out of my boredom. I answer it and Desmond is there, I keep forgetting he’s fucking huge as I let him in and he motions for me to sit before doing so himself on the bed. “You know I let you get that first shot right,” Desmond tells me taking a bit of wind out of my sails. “You ‘let’ me hit you? I slammed you to the ground hard and into the ceiling too,” I explain and he shakes his head. “Stuart you’re learning but you’re still a novice. You needed to find your anger right,” He asks and I nod reluctantly,” So I was going to let you tear into me. Granted I didn’t expect you to be as strong as you are, it caught me off guard and I had to go on real defense to keep you from doing too much damage to me.” “So you faked it and I am still a shitty fighter,” I ask and he shakes his head. “You’re still learning, hell Guy and I fought once and that didn’t end well for me,” Desmond says and I wonder how that turned out. “Yeah but he had three friends,” Wilma says from the bathroom behind the door. “That was the first time, not the second sister,” Desmond says and I can hear her stop her preparation. “Second time,” I ask and he nods. “First off Guy helped me after I was sent to kill him. Bad job and I did a good job of it till him, his friends set a trap and I fell into it. He was in his second year in college when he wanted to fight me for real, just him and me so I came down and we did,” Desmond says and he looks a little lost,” It was hard and I hit him as hard as I could but I couldn’t finish it, not before he popped my shoulder out of socket and nearly crushed my trachea. I fight to kill because it’s all I know, I don’t think about my own death. At least I didn’t till that fight. I almost had him and he just turn to a new level of sheer will I’ve never seen and when I woke up we were being tended to by a friend of his. I never beat him and you never beat me.” “So you faked it for a lesson,” I ask and he shrugs. “You surprised me, and you’re not bad just new physical combat. Guy will get you there man,” Desmond says and I feel weird as he turns his attention to the bathroom,” Sis hurry the fuck up or we’re going to be late for your date.” The bathroom door opens and Wilma exits and I’m a little surprised. Every time I saw Wilma before now she had a very ‘man’ look about her save for her female face. Her denim jacket boy cut along with loose jeans like a man would wear. To see her in a torn gothic black tank top and black bikini top for a bra is a shock but it’s the knee high boots and leather skirt short enough to be a collar with fishnets that has me speechless. I’m stunned but Desmond and Wilma are perfectly fine and we’re off to the club with me realizing that I need to follow them. I’m thankful that I get to come along and be back up for Desmond, it’s a chance at least to get a front row seat to how Guy handles people. The club is more of an abandon or condemned building with what I can only imagine to be trance music and too many neon and strobe lights inside for anyone to actually enjoy. Desmond let’s Wilma out first and she has to walk in while we wait. I want to talk but Desmond has what I’ve learned from the rest of the crew is ‘Game Face’. I don’t get it and we wait for a few minutes when we get a message on the crappy phone Desmond uses that Wilma has found her ‘date’. I honestly think we should be inside but Desmond and Guy waved me off on that stating she’ll be fine. An hour, sixty minutes of quiet with Desmond and me in the car waiting when we see Wilma walk out with the skinny Asian hacker hanging all over her. They’re laughing and smiling as he takes her to his car and I watch them kiss, it’s sloppy and full of him groping her before they get inside and start driving. Desmond is quick to follow and it’s another twenty minutes when we arrive at the Motel that was selected for this outing. To be perfectly honest the motel is a piece of shit and I watch from my place in the passenger side as after a minor make out session the Wilma takes her date up to her room. “Alright change of plan, I’m not going up there in fifteen minutes to kick the door in,” Desmond informs me and I stare at him like he’s crazy when he drops the bomb on me,” You’re going to go up there and kick that little fucker’s head in.” “Wait the plan was for you to go up there, Guy said you’ve done it before,” I try to explain and he stops me. “Stuart seriously I respect Guy but fuck who does what, I can still back you up if I need to but do you really want to step aside and let me do it or would you rather grab that little fucker by the head and introduce him to bad motel wall paper,” Desmond asks and I realize I don’t have a choice. Granted I do actually have a choice, I can just walk back down to the car and chicken out but then I have to contend with the monster sitting on the hood waiting. Desmond wrapped my hands in some athletic tape and has me waiting outside the door for what he says will be a noticeable signal. How am I going to know that, I’ve never done this before? Still waiting when I hear Wilma’s voice start talking about ‘her loser boyfriend’ and I figure that’s the point to kick the door in, I back up to the rail and deliver a solid kick to the door knob. It’s not like the movies, the door doesn’t really splinter, it just flies open for the most part and the sight has me boiling. Hot candles and wax, a bound Wilma with her ass in the air and mascara running down her face, a mostly nude Henry except for the women’s panties and what must pass for an erection poking out of it. His shock lasts for a second as I rush him knocking the candle out of his hand and slamming my fist into his gut. I don’t hit him hard, I fold his body around my fist damn near lifting him up off the ground. I pull my fist back and he drops to the floor just long enough for me to grab his head and taking a page out of Desmond’s book when he beat me up gain some speed moving across the room before slamming him into the old style TV. It’s cracked and splintered and I see blood coming from his shoulder where he hit. I’m full of rage and pick him up by his neck and crotch lifting him over my head and slam him upward back first into the ceiling before letting him fall to the floor. Wilma has somehow moved out of the combat zone but it’s expanding as I wrap both hands around little Henry’s neck and stand him up by pure strength alone. He’s coming aware and it’s when I let him see me that I pull my right hand back and put the lights out with a hard fist to the face. I actually hit him too hard as I lose my grip and he falls down. There is a light at my back that draws my attention, I grab a handful of his dirty black hair and the back of his girly panties and run him out the door and over the railing. The second floor railing which lands him face first in an empty parking stall. I rush down to get me some more when Desmond cuts me off. It takes me a second to realize that I’m not getting past him despite my strength when he holds me at arm’s length. “He’s done, I got this now ,” he says handing me some keys and pointing up stairs,” Get my sister back to the hotel and do not answer the door unless it’s one of the team or the police.” I nod and rush back up stairs and get into the room only to find Wilma unbound and cleaning her face with what looks to be a wet paper napkin, her clothes are still on the floor and now I am seeing her nude and it’s drastically different from Candice. She’s lean and with light muscle all over her body, her breasts are small to almost barely noticeable with little nipples accentuating them. I stare at her for a minute before speaking. “We need to hurry up and leave,” I tell her grabbing her clothes and handing them to her. “I need to pay the bill,” Wilma informs me only putting on her leather skirt and torn tank top. I follow her out of the room and am careful not to touch anything as we head to the front desk, fuck the bill I say it’s not worth the jail time. I follow her into the office and watch her walk behind the counter and into the door labeled manager. I stand there feeling kind of stupid and note that douchbag’s car is gone and so is Desmond. A male groan of what I can only guess is pain emanates from behind the door and Wilma exits the office with me and we head back to the car. We’re not five minutes down the road when Wilma decides we need to converse. “So did that unnerve you? Me going into the manager’s office without knocking,” She asks and I’m honestly confused. “Not knocking? You just seduced a guy in a night club and had him in a hotel pouring hot wax over your ass and I’m supposed to be unnerved about you not knocking,” I reply looking at her oddly as we drive in what I hope is the direction of sanity. “Yes, it was rude to do but the manager didn’t have a bell to ring,” Wilma replies leaning her head against the window,” it’s sad too, he showed some promise. The computer boy, he even wore the panties I told him to. Oh well a job is a job and it’s not like there aren’t plenty of people out there that like hot wax play and sex punching.” I’m dead quiet as I try to figure out what sex punching is. All the images that I am getting disturb me a little and I really wonder if Guy knows Wilma is nuts why does she work for him? I get us back to the hotel and we make it to her room, I follow her lead and figure sticking together is what Guy would want us to do. Wilma heads to her bathroom to clean up and while I’m sitting in a chair in jeans and a t shirt I start to realize there is blood on my hands. Not a figure of speech I have another man’s blood on my hands and he’s somewhere out there probably needing to get to a hospital and I did that to him. I barely notice Wilma as she exits the bathroom and sits down on the floor in front of me cross legged. She’s got a big gray sweater for a man with no sleeves and cotton men’s gym shorts on as she looks up at me. “So you wanna tell me how it felt? It was good right? I mean you seriously fucked him up. I thought my brother was going to kick that door it but you took the reins in that job and you fucked Asian computer boy up,” Wilma says almost praising or marveling at what I did,” Oh my are you bleeding?” I look at my hands again and shake my head no. She’s watching me confused, like she doesn’t understand something about me. I watch as Wilma takes one of my hands and pulls it to her face slowly smelling the blood on it before rubbing my hand gently against her face. I really don’t know what she’s doing as she massages her cheek with my bloodied hand but after a minute I pull my hand back and stand up. “I’m gonna shower, remember don’t answer the door unless it’s Guy or someone we know,” I tell her quickly before getting out of the room and into the bathroom. I shake off the weird factor that Wilma seems to have all over this evening for me and strip down to shower. Warm water is good and the dried blood comes off my hands quickly and I soap up and turn to find a naked Wilma standing in the shower. “SHIT! What are you doing here,” I know I screamed a little but hell she’s creepy. “I’m here to help you,” Wilma replies taking the soap from me. “I can bathe myself,” I tell her and she shakes her head. “No silly, I’m here to fuck you. More so I’m here to be fucked by you. It’s been a while and Mistress Katy laughed when I asked her so it’s alright with her,” Wilma says backing me up against the shower wall. “Wait you had to ask her,” I’m curious and worried now. “Yes, she’s been very clear with me that I shouldn’t have sex with people she knows without asking her first. I guess she’s worried about them hurting me but that’s silly,” Wilma tells me now pressed up against me,” I like it when they hurt me.” “You like… what,” I ask confused. “Stuart have you ever fucked a woman’s ass before? Or a man’s ass,” Wilma has her hand wrapped around my cock and is tugging me gently. “Ummm, no to both and never would a guy,” I stammer trying to figure out what she’s doing. “Have you ever actually fucked a woman? I Mistress Katy has been explaining to me that some people don’t do it the ways I like to but I don’t understand why that is,” Wilma is tugging me and I’m hardening,” See I’m getting you hard just thinking about fucking my ass.” “It’s your hand, I don’t know about fucking your ass,” I am trying to figure out what her deal is when she lets go of me. I’m free of her grasp for a second when I feel warmth on my cock and it’s not the shower water. I look down and there is the back of Wilma’s head as she’s bent over with her mouth bobbing up and down on me. She’s good, more aggressive than Candice and I don’t feel like I’m doing anything wrong except for the fact that she’s crazy. I feel her start forcing me deeper and deeper when she starts reaching up with her hand and taking mine places it on the back of her head and makes me press down a little. I start moving her head with my hands but as soon as I lighten up she’s ‘encouraging’ me to do it harder, I am not sure and pull her mouth off of me to figure out what she’s trying to get me to do. “Grab my hair,” She tells me with a wide eyed look and I grab the hair on the back of her head getting as her eyes roll,” now grab my face.” I am following these instructions on an auto pilot and holding her head with both hands at the face and back have Wilma to where she can’t move. Wilma’s hands are on my cock again and she’s stroking me. “Make me,” Wilma asks and I look at her with my most popular expression, confusion. “Make you what,” I ask. “Make me do it, make me suck you. Make me take you in my ass. Choke me, slap me, pull my hair, spit in my face please,” She asks me again this time pleading. I don’t know what to do first but I’m not sure about any of it. I always thought when you watch porn the only reason people did this shit was for more money. I turn Wilma around and away from me and start rubbing my cock head in between her cheeks to see her reaction. I’m a little shocked as she tries to move so that I’m against her asshole and I help her get us together letting go of her head and taking her hips in my hand press against the tight hole. We’re both pushing against each other when her body gives to mine and I feel the first couple inches force their way inside, Wilma squeaks at the invasion but keeps pushing and I do as well till her little ass is pressed against my hips. It’s so tight and hard I back up half way and when I try to press back in Wilma slams herself backwards and grunts with the force of it. I keep on hand on her hips and grab her hair in the other and take my time with long thrusts in and out enjoying the tightness of her. I don’t feel like I’m injuring her as I work on her ass and speed up taking harder thrusts into Wilma’s ass. Wilma is moaning and taking me hard without moving of trying to stop me when something shocking happens, we slip. It’s not much but it’s enough that I start rethinking what we’re doing and pull out leaving her bent down. “Don’t stop, I was just starting to enjoy it,” Wilma tells me turning around. I rinse off and cut the water to the shower before stepping out and drying off. Mostly right now I’m thinking about what and how to either keep doing this or get away from her. Yeah it’s kind of chickenshit but what she wants I don’t know if I have it in me. I step out to the bedroom and see my phone is lit up with a message from Katy.Stuart Wilma called me to ask permission to have sex with you. I’m telling you right now to pack up your kind and caring shit because she’s been without for a few months and you need to learn how to take control of a woman. Get angry and fuck her. Don’t worry about her only one person has broken her and that’s me, you’ll be fine and delete this message. I delete the message and start to think. Okay so I’m supposed to fuck her for Katy and Katy seems to know best with her, what would she be a slave? I did like the control a little bit and drop my towel to the floor. “Wilma come here,” I call to the bathroom. I watch as Wilma comes out a little surprised but seeing me naked and still a bit hard seems to help her feel relieved. “I’m sorry if I didn’t make you feel good,” Wilma starts and I try to think of what to say. “No I’m out here because I’m not going to fall and bust my head open just so you can give me an orgasm,” I tell her trying to be firm. Wilma comes to me quietly and I take her hair in my hand again forcing her down to the floor on her hands and knees. I move to my knees behind her and with cock in hand retake her asshole this time harder. Wilma groaning almost sounds happy as I get up to speed, her ass doesn’t even move its lean enough and since I have her hair in one hand I start slapping her cheek with the other. We’re at the point where she’s backing into my thrusts and I’ve left a hand print on her ass when I feel my blood boil a little more and slow down with myself buried inside Wilma. I lean her back so that she’s upright and against my chest before wrapping my hand around her throat and squeezing a little. Her hand is placed on mine but not to stop or make my grip tighter, more to just keep it there. I use the other hand to cover her shaved pussy and start pounding into her. We’re both grunting although I’m louder than she is and I’m not letting her have any mercy or space as I fuck her. I finally get the difference, of sex and fucking and this is fucking. Wilma’s moaning is getting louder and I move my hand from her neck to her mouth covering it as she paws at me desperately. It feels so raw that I don’t realize I’m cumming till my body tenses up and I keep my cock up her ass burying my seed up into her. Wilma grinds against me and my hand falls from her face as she moans from the feeling of my orgasm. I feel spent and more than a little tired as I let Wilma down out of my grasp and she crawls off of me. She’s lying on her face on the carpet with her worn asshole spread from my fucking of it. “That was good, I had a little one,” She tells me groaning. “Just a little one,” I ask wondering what else I should have done. “Yes, it was basic fucking and it was good enough. Do you want me to clean my asshole for you in case you want to fuck me again if we have time,” Wilma asks quietly. “Yeah, clean is good,” I answer not really knowing which would be better. I watch her stagger up and slowly walk back to the bathroom where I can assume she cleans herself. I sit on the bed and think it wasn’t that bad, some spanking and choking sure but I didn’t do anything really extreme to her. I watch her exit the bathroom and approach me again before dropping to her knees in front of me and cleaning me off with a wet cloth. “Mr. Stuart wants it clean so I make it clean,” Wilma tells herself as she cleans me. Yeah I’m pretty sure she’s crazy but she didn’t try to cut me or anything so I think I win there. I back up onto the bed and start to lie down when she says something that catches me off guard. “Would you like to secure and gag me before you sleep,” She asks as plain as she can,” Mistress likes me to sleep on the floor when I’ve been fucking.” I get up from the bed and while I don’t really understand what we’re doing I follow her instruction as we ‘secure’ her. Her arms are bound behind her back, I gag her mouth, and she pointed out the leg restraints that go around her knees keeping them apart about a foot. I take her to the bathroom and have her relieve herself before I attempt that and I have to wipe her front first, which is odd as hell but she moans lightly as I do it. Once the leg restraints are on I watch Wilma lie uncomfortably on her side and close her eyes to sleep on the floor as I move to the bed and lay down under the covers. I must be laying there and have slept an hour when I hear it, whimpering. I shake my sleep off and hear it continue coming from where else, the floor. I lean over the bed and see Wilma lying on her stomach rubbing her hips against the carpeted floor. She’s still bound and when I set my feet on the floor to stand up her head turns towards me to look. I can barely make out her face in the light but it’s one of I guess confusion and I start to help her up almost on auto pilot till she’s standing. I sit her on the bed and roll her onto her back and arms. Wilma doesn’t seem like she’s in pain but when I pull her legs up and press them against her chest exposing her pussy her eyes are wide in either anticipation or fear, I’m not sure which. Gently I use my fingers and I start to rub her clit in slow circles getting a moan for my touch. She’s a little wet and I’m spreading the wetness around her clit before switching to my thumb to rub the little bump. With my thumb over her clit I take my middle finger on the same hand and press inside her pussy. Wilma’s pussy is tighter than her ass and where she moaned when I was in her now she’s bucking against my finger and shaking as much as she can. I keep rubbing her clit and fingering her as she squirms not able to move at all. I add a second finger and speed up which has what I can only guess is a gagged wailing as Wilma starts thrashing around. I feel her clamp down on my fingers and I move them as much as possible as she orgasms around them. I slow and let her settle down before I move myself over her positioning my cock head above her pussy. Soon as she feels it Wilma’s eyes go wide and she starts shaking her head vigorously no. I back up and she calms down when I put it against her asshole. I reenter her for the third time tonight but I don’t like being told no when I’m supposed to be the one in charge. I have to lube up my cock with some of her cum before I can get back inside but as soon as I’m in I have her legs by her shoulders and I’m hammering into Wilma’s asshole with no remorse. Now Wilma is grunting as I’m above her hammering down, her eyes shut as I take no prisoners on her body. I look at her very small almost flat breasts for the first time and note the hard nipples, I use a hand to grip one and when she opens her eyes I pinch it lightly causing her to shift her weight against me. I am still upset about being denied the tightest pussy ever and lean back off of her undoing the leg restraints and with the bar keeping them apart and toss it to the floor. I am on my knees with her ass on my lap when I grab nipple in each finger and pull them towards me as I thrust into her. I am going hard and fast as she is almost screaming into her gag and it feels tight when we’re both surprised and she squirts, actually squirts, from her pussy and tries to force me out. I don’t let her and releasing her tits and grabbing her hips fuck her for one thing, my orgasm. Wilma is moaning but spent as I hammer her till I cum hard again into her asshole. I’m grunting and grinding into her as I pinch her nipple and she moans. When I’m finally done cumming I pull out and roll her onto her side and undo her arms and point to the bathroom. I watch her walk very submissively to the bathroom as she goes to clean herself up. I wait for her to return and when I see the rag I stop her. “Mouth only, now clean it up,” I tell Wilma who drops the rag and crawls onto the bed. She doesn’t waste time licking and sucking me clean and when she’s done I watch her start to head to the floor when I grab her arm to stop her. “Why did you tell me no? If I’m in charge why do I not get to fuck your pussy,” I ask a bit more aggressive than I normally am. “I’m not on protection sir. If you were to fuck my pussy I would carry your child and I want to carry my brother’s child first,” She says and I must have not heard her right. “Wait you want Desmond’s baby? Your brother’s baby,” I ask and she nods. “Yes sir, he saved me and made me feel like a family. I want his first. It’s the only thing Mistress Katy doesn’t force on me. My small freedom,” Wilma says quietly starting to pull away,” Sir I should be on the floor.” “No, I don’t get pussy then I get to have a warm bed. You will stay up here and you will behave yourself and maybe if I want more of your ass I’ll have it right here waiting for me,” I tell her and watch as she nods. We curl up under the blankets and I can tell she’s not used to having someone near her as she is balled up and turned away from me. I roll her to face me and pull her next to my chest which surprises me as she cuddles up like a lost kitten before we both fall asleep.Guy: Saturday Morning “Okay Desmond explain to me again why you let him go all sorts of apeshit on the target,” I ask as we’re riding back to the hotel. It’s been a long night. First I get woken up from the couch at Claire’s house aka base of communications to find that Desmond has dropped off his target at the hospital. Apparently he thought he got spotted after leaving and had to drive around in the target’s car before he found out that the people following him thought he was some MMA guy and we chasing him for his autograph. When he finally contacts me to let me know what happened I have Isaac drive me to him for a pick up while Ben is on watch at Claire’s home and prepping the second half of phase one. Thankfully we’re all in the car when he tells me that they switched rolls and now Stuart has been out of contact for hours when I should be there to check on him and see how he’s doing. “Guy he was chomping at the bit the whole time we were in the car. I was focused but he was constantly trying to talk or just get up and move. It was a good hit sir,” Desmond tells me as we head into the hotel. “Well he’s not used to violence like this. We needed to bring him along gently and talk him down afterwards if he wasn’t right with it,” I explain as we take the elevator up to our rooms. The three of us are walking down the hall and I stop at Stuart’s room and knock on the door but there is no answer. I knock again louder and still no answer, not even when I call to him through the door. Now I’m worried and debating kicking the door in or bribing the maid when I hear a voice from down the hall. “Guy, sir? Is everything alright,” Stuart asks dressed in his jeans with no shoes or shirt. “Stuart why aren’t you in your room? Why did you stay in Wilma’s room,” I ask becoming very concerned,” Stuart did she flip out? Did she cut anyone? Did she try to rape you?” “What no. I mean we had some very rough for me sex but she said that Katy was fine with it and it was odd for me but I figured Katy saying it was okay would make it fine,” Stuart explains and I can hear the wheels turning in Desmond’s head. “Please tell me she didn’t have you try to get her pregnant,” Desmond asks and Stuart shifts between me and my heavy hitter. “No she said not to. She only wanted anal which was different but she said she was waiting for permission from Katy to have your baby,” Stuart explains with honesty. “Desmond calm down he didn’t know and was told it was okay from Katy,” I explain when Stuart interrupts. “Well she said that she messaged Katy to say it was okay and then there was a message on my phone from Katy that said to delete it after reading and it said it was okay,” Stuart informs us and now we’re all staring at the poor fool. “Stuart did you see her call Katy or did you check to make sure the message came from Katy’s phone,” I ask and he starts to realize what happened. “Dude you fucked the craziest woman on the planet and she tricked you into doing it,” Isaac says as he starts to laugh. Desmond is done with the show and tell as he passes Stuart and goes right into his sister’s room. I follow bringing Isaac and Stuart with me as Desmond is waking up Wilma with some tense words. “You lied to him, you actually told him that Katy said it would be okay for you and him to have sex,” Desmond growls as Wilma gets up from the bed naked. “You know what big brother this would be a lot easier if you would just get me pregnant so we can both be happy,” Wilma says but Desmond looks unfazed. “I don’t want you to have my child. You are my sister,” Desmond argues but she turns it around on him. “Half sister if you want to get technical but that doesn’t change shit. I want a baby and I want it to be your baby. Now either drop your pants and get it done or shut up about me fucking Stu,” Wilma barks back at him still naked. Desmond is pissed off, years ago when we told him we’d help with Wilma we said we’d get her under control but there are something’s that neither Katy nor I can shake her on. A baby with her brother being one of them. Stuart is dressing quietly before standing up and looking at his phone. I see him texting as Wilma starts to dress herself. The room is quiet and after a few minutes of Desmond being pissed off and Wilma not caring I see something that makes me feel better about my world. Stuart moves over to Wilma and with a quick grab takes her by the back of the head and now she’s not in a happy pain mode as he marches her over to me before forcing her down in front of me. “You lied to me and you lied about Katy didn’t you,” Stuart growls and Wilma whimpers,” Katy told me to tell you there will be a plane ticket for you to Texas. You are to go to Jun and Lilly’s house to watch their children. You are not allowed to have any sex of any kind while there and your brother will not come to see you.” “Please no, I’m sorry but I needed it. I was bad but please don’t send me away,” Wilma pleads desperately and I motion for Stuart to step back as I crouch down in front of Wilma. “Wilma you broke team. You lied and you jeopardized my orders with what you did. How can we not punish you for this,” I ask and she’s whimpering and bawling as I stand up and see Stuart grinning. All four of us men start to exit the room with Stuart being the last one out as Wilma starts to slowly pack her things. I watch Stuart tell her something from the doorway and close it quickly before Wilma screams at him and I can hear her tantrum as we walk down the hotel hallway. “What did you say to her to get that reaction,” Isaac asks Stuart as we walk. “Oh I told her the truth. I didn’t tell Katy what she did I just made something up and had her crying and bawling about it. She screwed with me and I screwed with her back. Sorry I didn’t clear it with you first Sir,” Stuart tells us and I stop in the hallway and stare at him. “That could technically be breaking team but that’s also initiative and you getting something back for yourself. Good job,” I tell Stuart who smiles at the appreciation before we continue to the second half of phase one. “So man I got to ask, what is Wilma like,” Isaac asks Stuart quietly. “Man it was different, get permission and try if you want but I don’t have a lot of words for what we did,” Stuart replies and I smile, he’s getting his head in the game. We’re back on the road and with Isaac driving I’m quietly working over some contacts on my phone, I need a good front for phase two but with Stuart and some luck we’ll be finishing phase one right now. With our new ‘friend’ Henry in the hospital getting in to his apartment is easy enough for Isaac as Desmond waits outside. Ever see someone who is the poster child for needing to pick a lifestyle and just stay with it, that’s Henry Greenbucket’s apartment. Clothes that need washing with hanging clean shirts right above them in the closet. Take out trash from every possible eatery in the area. End it all with a computer that causes Stuart to pause and stare for a minute. I had my protégé the glasses camera and make sure Jun is booted up as they start their work. Isaac and I are sitting around quietly while Stuart and Jun go into a massive amount of nerd talk which we could listen in on but after ‘time change stamps’ and ‘rerouting log history’ I start to tune it out. Finally I get a thumbs up from Stuart after about an hour of being bored let Jun go down the basics. “Alright sir we have him to rights as a connection between Mr. Weisner and the people looking to buy out the business,” Jun tells me and I pause. “Okay so we’re in positions to make it look like a done deal as far as Mr. Weisner is concerned? At least on paper,” I ask and get a nod from Stuart,” alright people exiting now Desmond are we clear?” “All clear Guy, bringing the car around,” Desmond informs me and we exit the apartment after locking up. The ride back to the hotel is a quiet one but necessary as we’re going to need to removed over active pieces from the board on our side. Problem I learned is that when you use people for high profile strikes you have to remove them or they draw attention. Almost ruined a job when Ben had to do two bits of work and got spotted by the target. I don’t want to remove Stuart so soon but it has to be done. We enter the hotel and I find all of Stuart’s, Desmond’s and Wilma’s clothing packed up. Stuart is confused and I pull him aside. “Sir are you sending me away,” Stuart asks and I nod,” I thought I was doing well here. I did more than I was asked and Jun said it was a solid hack and rewrite? What did I do wrong?” “Stuart you did everything right, problem is when face become high profile I have to pull them out for the sake of the job. Wilma and you are too visible if our little friend from last night starts talking. I have to keep you both away for your sakes and the job,” I tell him quietly trying to reassure my protégé. “But I can do more to help,厨房里抱着岳丰满大屁股毛毛” he says and I rest a hand on his shoulder. “You’ve done plenty, it’s a team effort and we’re way ahead now. You’ve shown you are versatile in doing two jobs and you made Jun’s work a lot easier. This is a win for us and you, not a punishment,” I tell him and he doesn’t fully understand but quietly nods. I drive Stuart to the airport myself letting Isaac return to Ben and update the plan. The call has already been made and we are printing documents and emails the Jun says will validate our claims but I need a little more to tip things into the right market and that means some face time with one of her bosses. Lilly offers to handle the figuring out of who would be best to meet while I pull up to the airport and help Stuart with his bag. I walk him to the terminal myself and tell him he did a good job till we have to part at the security check point. I am on the phone as soon as I’m out of sight with Kori about a pick up.Stuart: Late Saturday Afternoon And like a little kid who can’t play with the bigger kids I’m sent home on a plane back to Washington. I’m more than a little pissed off about this, I was doing well. I hit that hacker hard and fast like Desmond showed me. I pulled all the computer files and hacking with Jun that Guy had no clue how to do himself and now I’m out of the game because it’s not safe for me? I’m too exposed? Sounds like grandstanding bullshit to me and as soon as I’m off the short flight back up I grab my bag and try to figure out what I’m going to do now. I’m walking fast out the doors when I see Mrs. Kori waiting for me and I just walk past her. I can hear her catching up to me and I see her SUV but I move past it and that’s when I’m stopped by a hand on my arm. “Hey Stuart talk to me, Guy said you were a little down having to come back soon,” She says holding my arm. “I did a lot down there, more than everyone else so far. Now he just sent me away because it was too risky for me,” I snap and watch her back up,” I’m not a child that needs to sit at the fucking kids table.” “Stuart stop,” Mrs. Kori says stopping me. I let her lead me into the car considering my options are small for where to go and what to do from here. I’m mad in the front seat as we drive to what I can only assume is Guy’s family home. Part way there I start to look around and note the neighborhood is different from what I’m used to. We pull up to a modest sized house in a middle class neighborhood when Mrs. Kori steps out and comes around to get the door for me. “Alright I’m not sure you’re ready for this but maybe you need to speak to the source,” she says as I step out and walk up to the front. There is a truck and a small sedan in the driveway and the house has a nice flower garden as Kori knocks on the front door. We’re standing there for a second when the door opens to an older woman with shorter graying brown hair in what I can only assume is her fifties. She smiles at Kori and hugs her. “Korinna girl it’s so good to see you, where are the grandbabies,” She asks looking at my asshole mentor’s wife. “They’re at home I have something different today and need some help, this is Stuart, Guy’s new recruit,” she introduces me and I feel a little out of place. “Well hello Stuart I’m Mrs. Donnelly Guy’s mother, come on in and sit down I’ll get his father. I guess we need to have a sit down with the poor boy,” the older woman lets me ushers us in and Mrs. Kori sits me down on the couch next to her. It’s only a minute or two before Guy’s mother returns with what I can only presume is Guy’s father, the man is about Guy’s height but broad shoulders and more fit than a man of his age should be. I stand and shake his hand where he nearly pops my knuckles in a grip before I have to squeeze back. “He’s strong, my son’s been working on him for a while now,” the supposed Mr. Donnelly asks Kori. “Yes and Guy is on a job and sent Stuart back early since Stuart was very hands on,” Mrs. Kori explains and I’m still mad but not sure what to do about it with the older folks. “Talk to me Stu. What did my son tell you before you left him,” Mrs. Donnelly asks concerned. “Some bullshit,” is my only response which causes Guy’s father to laugh. “You’re mad you got sent home for your own safety. Boy I think you need to go on a history lesson,” Mr. Donnelly explains as he leans forward to talk. A couple hours of talking and I’m kind of dumbfounded. The police killed Guy’s best friend, who was a dick, right in front of him after Guy called them. He is a known affiliate of two major motorcycle clubs. His biological mother is rich, richer than he is and her husband is a major player in the legal system in Texas and a few other states. They go over some minor things when Guy’s mother decides to explain. “All of these came to him because he put others first. When bad things happen he steps in front of it,” the mother says when Dad adds. “Thing to know about my son, you mentor or trainer or whatever is that if he didn’t send you away it’s because he either thought you were expendable or was going to let you take a fall. You pull the people you value back when they get their work done. Only use the tool as long as you need to, not because you can,” Mr. Donnelly explains and I am understanding but a little confused. The family makes some sort of plan to bring grandchildren to them for a visit and I shake hands with both of Guy’s parents before I’m handed a platter of brownies and we return to the SUV. I’m still confused but I think I finally get it. We return home and I just get the platter of brownies put away when my new problem comes around the corner, an angry Mrs. Katy. I don’t let her start on me I simply walk past and down to the Gym where she’s hot on my heels. I want to talk but she begins to take my clothes off and now I’m confused. “Where did she cut you,” Katy asks and I stammer,” No bites no cuts no bruising? What the fuck did she do?” “Guy told you about Wilma,” I ask feeling a little violated. “Yeah and she’s going to get some serious punishment when I see her next I’m worried about you because she likes to cut and cause pain,” Katy tells me and I stop her from stripping off my pants. “I’m fine. I actually had her bound for part of it,” I state and Katy looks at me a little shocked. “Really, how did that make you feel,” she asks going from concerned to curious. “Not really my thing, I liked being in control but that much hardware makes it less fun,” I tell her and she nods before laughing, I stare at her and she smiles. “Kid you’re the first man in the team to be brave enough to fuck Wilma, that is fucking bragging rights,” Katy tells me heading back up stairs. I stand there confused for a minute then smile. I got one that the others on the team don’t and now they see me equally, good day for me.Guy: Tuesday before Noon After sending off Stuart for home and Desmond taking Wilma off the their home in Northern California, apparently he can keep her docile there, I’m sitting in one of my nicer suits waiting on a woman who has no idea she’s meeting a business buyout specialist. Granted I’m not one but when you want to prove someone of a crime to be you have to portray the other end of said crime. So while I sit at the little coffee shop drinking something not coffee or caffeinated I go over the basics of what to say when my guest arrives. She’s an attractive but older woman in her mid forties with a business suit with slacks and file case that I figure doubles as her personal office. At robust six foot height and a body that has known actual work and not office work and chestnut colored hair in a ponytail she sits down across from me and smiles. “Mr. Steward I presume,” She asks and I nod,” I’m Mrs. Napier from Apex Lumber and Distribution. I was told that you were looking to make some major purchases but preferred to meet with someone in charge before you went about your orders.” “Well yes and no, I’m representing the people who would be purchasing the company. More aptly the pieces that we can use,” I state and she nearly drops her pen as she was about to write down information. “The company isn’t for sale sir, I’m sorry to inform you you’ve been misled,” she informs me quickly and I smile. “No ma’am we’re actually in talks with a Mr. Weisner who is up for a separation of assets in the company so that we can selectively buy it off. I’m sure you have been made available to the meeting that you’re having this Friday where he’ll be making sure the board and executives are set up with their cash advances while taking full control,” I am laying out his whole plan in front of her and now she’s pale and shocked. “Sir I have to leave I can’t talk right now I need to call a board meeting immediately,” Mrs. Napier says starting to get up and I stand to cut her off. “I’m sorry if I offended you madam but it appears you weren’t in the loop on this event,” I state stopping her from leaving,” Please sit down and allow me to work on other matters with you since it appears we will be at a loss to buy your business we have other venues to discuss.” “I don’t see that we have anything left to discuss Mr. Steward,” Mrs. Napier states firmly and I smile. “We do actually, the fate of Mr. Weisner,” I tell her and now I see her face go from anger to intrigue. We sit back down and I state some basics of what ‘the people I represent’ would like to do in the situation and she’s not into it but I explain that it’ll be faster and more efficient my way and less of a hassle for her in the long run if she goes the legal way. I watch as she considers it when I figure it should play the wild card. “So it’s been a while since your personal vices were… indulged. Am I correct,” I ask and watch Mrs. Napier nearly choke on her coffee. “I have no clue what you’re talking about,” She stammers and I smile. “Madam please, there is no judging here. Your soon to be former coworker wanted to make sure he could placate people and the group I represent has extensive resources for meeting needs, call it a you help us with our side project and we’ll give you bonus,” I tell her and now she’s skeptical but intrigued. “So you know but you’re not trying to blackmail me,” Mrs. Napier asks and I chuckle at her words. “No there will be no blackmailing here, allow me to prove it. Return home and I will arrive in a short time with someone to meet your needs. If he succeeds in taking care of you then call it a deal and we’ll be fine, if not then I guess I’ll have to find a bigger… I mean better one,” I tell her purposely messing up my words. “My house in one hour, how do you know my… never mind just know I have a shotgun and will shoot your ass if you screw with me,” she states firmly and I nod. We part after I pay our bill and I rush back to the hotel to pick up Isaac, he’s in the car and I note the loose fitting pants, slip on shoes, button up shirt with chest exposed and a liberal dose of cologne that is meant for someone not me. I almost want to laugh but he has his game face on knowing what he’s going to do, thankfully I know two things about my young friend. One he’s not picky and two he’s done this before and doesn’t mind. We arrive at the house of Mrs. Tasha Napier and the garage door opens with a space for us to park inside, I am smiling as the door comes down and we enter the house through a side door that takes us into her living room. The drapes are all closed and she’s sitting inside and on her second glass of wine as I enter with Isaac and he smiles his best. “Sir you told me I’d be with a woman you didn’t say it’d be an attractive one,” Isaac tells me before approaching Tasha,” Mrs. Napier my name is Marquavious and I’m here to fill a void if you’ll have me.” Isaac/Marquavious, wherever he heard that fucking name, is led or better said dragged upstairs as I sit and wait. I’m in the living room for less than ten minutes when I hear the Tasha upstairs. “Oh my fucking god YES,” is the scream that echoes down stairs. In the time it takes for ‘Marquavious’ to handle business I set up the final pieces to the plan. Make sure my final team is set up and have what they need to pull off their task. Arrange the accommodations for Mr. Weisner and even contact Claire to see how the boys are doing and tell her to expect a call and act surprised. I’m also compelled at one point while I’m waiting to take a knee and say a prayer because I could be in church with the ‘Oh Gods’ and ‘Jesus’ chorus I have trickling down from upstairs and I know the door is closed. At one point I think they’re done but I hear some talking and then some very enthusiastic kissing before the bedroom door upstairs closes and the screaming continues. Almost three hours later the door opens and I can tell they are done since there isn’t much kissing but ‘Marquavious’ is sweet and tender before stepping into the garage and leaving me with Tasha who is wearing a bathrobe and barely made it down the stairs. “We have a deal Mr. Steward and I’ll keep things on our end taken care of,” Tasha says sitting down gingerly on her couch. “I will make sure Marquavious is well compensated for the fine work he did with you,” I inform her getting tired but meaningful smile. I return to my car and we exit the garage and get about a mile down the road when I have to speak. “Marquavious?! What kind of fucking name is that,” I ask Isaac who starts laughing. “Man it’s the most ghetto name I could find,” He explains and we both start laughing hard,” Do you think the Viagra was too much?” “You took Viagra? Are you slipping,” I ask and we both laugh. “No but I figured to seal the deal and unless you know something stronger that pretty much guarantees a woman will walk funny with the right equipment,” my good friend says and we both nearly die of laughter at a stop light. I get Isaac back to our hotel and he changes and grabs his packed bag. Too much exposure but he knows the drill and I get him dropped off at the airport and give him his ticket before seeing him off. I return to my room for a nice relaxing few days of watching Claire’s life as things start coming back together and her getting ready to deliver the death blow to Mr. Weisner’s plans. Friday afternoon that same week has me sitting in my predestined spot waiting. I know there is a meeting going on inside the main office of Apex Lumber and Distribution and with Ben feeding me updates as Mrs. Montgomery’s situation and the reactions I’m all smiles when I get my green light and step out of the limo and casually walk up to the front to meet Mr. Weisner for the first time. At all of 5’9” and some form of blonde hair replacement and a little extra pounds I am all smiles on the inside but all business as I approach. “Mr. Weisner come with me please,” I tell him trying to guide him by the arm. “Excuse me I need to get somewhere,” He says trying to brush me off. “Like to the company car that is no longer yours so that you can go back to the company house you’ve been living at that is on company land and you no longer have claim to,” I ask and watch him freeze,” You have two options Mr. Weisner, one attempt to retrieve your meager possessions or get in the car.” I leave him with the choice and enter the back of the limo to wait. It isn’t even a minute later that the driver ushers him into the back of the car with me and now we’re facing each other as he looks around like he’s never been in a limo before. “Mr. Weisner the people I represent need someone who can build up a business to cut apart competition. You were selected for your skills in what would have been a tremendous take down of Apex Lumber but now with that idea scrapped I’m here to present you with a job,” I state as he listens. “What kind of job,” he asks and I smile. “One that will be somewhere the US won’t come looking for you for the charges you now face,” I explain and watch him start to panic. “I won’t face any charges,” He wants to put me off but I have more than enough and simply smile. “We know the money laundering, the low balling and money handoffs. All of those are white collar and carry simple sentences but you lose your money,” I explain simply,” The deal my people are offering is one time only and what you put in to the extraction comes back when you complete the goal they set.” I hand him an envelope with basics in it, account number, terms of contract and most importantly the price he’ll be paying. “Fifty thousand dollars,” He exclaims and I wait for him to blow over before speaking. “This entitles you to a guaranteed get out of jail and the country in the next hour to a new home in a land where the women speak very little English and you won’t need them to,” I smile my predator smile,” Now if you want to leave I recommend you note the new arrivals to your old employer.” I watch his gaze turn to the front of Apex Lumber and his face goes slack and pale as a black SUV pulls up and two people, a man and a woman exit the SUV. They head inside the building and I watch as Mr. Weisner turns his attention back to me. “I need a cell phone to authorize payment,” He says weakly and I cue up the blue tooth calling in the limo. I let him give his numbers and I have the call routed to Jun who doing the work while Lilly plays account manager. We get the green light tell the driver to get us to the airfield. “So I’m where am I going,” Mr. Weisner asks as I pour him a stiff drink from the limo’s bar. “Honestly I don’t know that, I know that you will still have the bulk of your money when you land and there will be documentation waiting there along with a handler,” I inform him and watch his face go puzzled as he takes the drink,” A local who knows the area and will help you settle in.” “And you don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing other than go build up a business to destroy a rival business,” Mr. Weisner asks and I nod. “We are very compartmentalized here. Granted I wasn’t paid this well when I started but I’m out of asset liquidation and into recruiting and extraction which allows me some creature comforts,” I explain taking out a 9mm silenced Glock and Mr. Weisner’s eyes widen,” Oh no sir this isn’t for you. I’m waiting to see if someone tries to get between you and the plane you’re getting on. In the event that it happens you run, I don’t care what they say you just run. I’ll handle the rest.” I watch him remain tense as we pull into the airport and drive straight through to the private hangar I have waiting. The jet he’s going to be flying on has been prepped and I exit the limo as Mr. Weisner follows me and greet the pilots. One show’s Mr. Weisner to his seat and the other smiles as I give him the final instructions before watching the plane taxi out to the runway. I can actually see Mr. Weisner looking out the window at me, I wonder if he’s figured out that we packed him a bag of his own clothing? I hear the rumble of an SUV pull up and I smile before turning to face it. Watch the two agents exit and run up to me just as I hear the engines kick on high and the plane begins to move. “Where is the asshole,” Jun’s old running buddy Hideo asks in his nice black suit and very business styled hair. “He’s the plane taking off, I was hoping we could do the whole you two shooting me thing for him to see before he left but it took you guys too long to catch us,” I explain turning to Hideo’s partner, Vicki. “Well we saw Ben and had to say hello,” Vicki informs me in a snug black suit of her own and her longer hair than she had in our high school days. “He need some more support, how’s Pennsylvania,” I ask as the plane takes off. “Nice save for the assholes but that comes with any city, besides the advertising business allows me good vacation and my inspiration here,” Jun tells me pulling Vicki close with an arm around her waist,” loves to get out.” “Honestly Guy we’re happy to help,” Vicki says and I smile,” So where is he going?” “I told him that he’d be somewhere that the US government wouldn’t find him and the women spoke no English because they didn’t need to,” I explain and they both stare at me confused as I smile,” Mr. Weisner is on his way to somewhere Masha picked it out for me since she has family there that could use a good laugh. They’re going to have him ‘invest’ in their business and let him see what his actual skills worth.” “So we got a cabin to ourselves for a whole two weeks, thanks for letting us take over the rental car in your name,” Vicki says as they get back inside. I watch my old friends leave and smile, advertising executive and his live in lover. Not the drug running girl and A/V club nerd I knew but according to my wives I have had a changing affect on people. I am back in my car and send the all clear to Ben who lets me know that he’s back with Claire and packing up equipment now, of all my people Ben is the only one that is on the job as long as I am. He’s the eyes and ears and I need him at all times. I return to Claire Montgomery’s home and as soon as I’m in the front door I see the equipment boxed up and Claire is talking quietly with Ben. “I’m just not sure about me,” Ben tells her as I listen in. “No you’re afraid, my late husband was scared of the whole responsibility thing but he stepped up and died loving our boys. Do yourself a favor and think of your wife and what she wants,” Claire tells him and I step out of the hall and grabbing a box load up the van. We load up the van and I send Ben packing back to the hotel but he says he’s going home to his wife and I smile as I watch tail lights head down the road. I step back inside when I get a call from Jun. “Boss good news and some news, good news is we’re getting paid and I took the bonus and put it down where you asked,” Jun says happily and I smile before I hear his voice go from happy to serious,” And I got you a refundable ticket to go visit your old friend, what’s your plan?” “Honestly I think I’ll keep it simple, just tell the husband that we were hired to do what we did because he was an asshole and give him some proof so they can have a nice blow up over it,” I tell Jun as I turn and see Claire standing in her living room with a shocked expression,” Jun I’m going to have to call you back.” “You’re going to go hurt her,” Claire asks shocked. “Nope, I’m going to go bearing gifts of truth. She was warned, the contract states very specifically a gag order for me, my team and everything we do. I cannot let this slide,” I tell her and see her boys looking on from upstairs. “But she was trying to help me,” Claire says trying to win me over. “Claire you’re a good person, you have good children. I’m not a good person but I have a code, you break my code and a price must be paid,” I tell her very softly,” Meredith broke our agreement, for good or ill she did. I’m all about balance and my scales need balance.” Claire has no words for it but we say our goodbyes and her boys are happy to see their mom going back to work and not ‘going crazy’ at home. I remind them about helping her out when I note she’s got her cell phone in her hand and is confused. “How did that shit head do it,” Claire growls and I watch her kids retreat upstairs as I smile. “Who do what,” I ask and she looks at me with some anger. “Fucking Weisner, he put 50k in an account in my boys names, the manager just called me to give me my update,” Claire growls and I smile at her till she notices,” What the fuck did you do?” “I did nothing, but he did just pay fifty thousand dollars to your boys ability to go to college,” I tell her still smiling,” I mean it technically was him paying for me not to put a bullet in his head and dump his body in a dam turbine but really I think it will be money well spent.” “Okay I get to move to his old house, I have the company car now so my boys can use mine and you got them college money,” Claire asks shocked. “Yep, and it took my crew two weeks. What can I say, I love my job,” I tell her stepping out the front door,” And Claire, keep my number. If you need me or think someone does call me first, don’t just hint drop like Meri.” Do I drive home in the rental car like Ben did in my business van, no. I have a flight tomorrow to settle unfinished business. I settle into my hotel room for one last night after dinner in at the quiet restaurant they keep in house. I don’t think about tomorrow or seeing Meredith again to settle the difference, no point and I could be nice and change my mind. I could be but the only people who see my truly nice side is my family, including my friends, they are my whole family. I do a light workout to relax my muscles and it does feel good to walk around the room in shorts and nothing else. I can’t do it at home despite the fact that my wives wouldn’t object, it’s about setting an example for my kids. I’m relaxed finally when I get an unexpected knock at my door. I check the lookout hole and shake my head. “Hello Mrs. Montgomery, what brings you to my neck of the woods,” I ask as I open the door. “We need to talk now,” She says as I watch her enter passing me and looking around my room,” you spend a bit when you travel?” “I like to sleep peacefully so that when I work people get what they pay for and the answer is no,” I tell her closing the door. “No what,” Claire asks confused. “No I am going to go visit our friend and I am going to tell her husband the truth about what happened,” I state and watch Claire’s face sour. “You can’t,” she pleads and I nod my head. “Actually yes I can, the word you’re looking for is probably shouldn’t or should not,” I tell her and she give me the ‘woman grumpy’ look. “Well you know what I mean. Meredith is a good woman and a good mother,” she says and I cut her off. “Just like you and she swore she’d keep her word and she signed just like you. So what does that say about good people, that it’s okay they break the rules because they’re helping someone else,” I ask and she starts in for her argument. “Yes, breaking rules to help someone can be forgiven,” Claire states and I chuckle. “If that were true then why have rules. Ones that are there to protect people and help them feel safe,” I counter and she’s picking up on what I’m doing. “You can’t throw a generalization at me with this. Hurting Meredith doesn’t do anything for you personally,” She says and I again counter. “No but professionally it does plenty, it sets a standard. You cross the bad man with a code that you agreed to and he will take a bit from you that you can never get back. Granted I’m being more than fucking merciful by just telling her husband what we did to him and his gold digging cunt but it should be enough to teach people to keep their mouths shut,” I tell her and I can see her wavering. “I can’t threaten you, it’s not who I am. I could promise to ruin you but that wouldn’t change you or what you do would it,” Claire asks and I agree with a nod,” Well then we go with the other way.” I take note that Claire has a bag in her hand and an unfamiliar coat on, a big buttoned overcoat. I watch as she removes her coat and has on very simple v neck shirt and jeans as she goes into my bathroom and closes the door. I shake my head at it, she’s determined but I’ve had black women before and I shoot a text of what’s going on to Kori for her opinion. It takes a minute or two before they come back with their answer and it’s an odd day when my women tell me to do what’s best but they want details. I’m pacing the floor of the room between the bed and the bathroom when it opens and I see Claire still in her shirt and jeans but no shoes. Her hair is straightened like it’s been this entire time she’s been here but something is off about her. She walks up to me a little unsure and a foot shorter than me as she pulls me down for a toe curling kiss. I start to pick her up as we kiss but she’s got different ideas as I’m gently pushed backwards onto the bed. I’m seated when she takes a slightly authoritative posture. “I want you and I want you to leave Meredith alone,” Claire informs me and I shake my head. “No, you’re an attractive woman but a lesson needs to be learned,” I tell her starting to get up and she places a hand on my shoulder to keep me seated. “Then let me teach it,” Claire says and now I’m interested,” I’ll talk to her and I’ll explain it. I’m a part of this now as much as she is and since you like to delegate jobs to others I want this one.” “Punishment is something that a leader does, not a friend,” I tell her and Claire smiles pushing me back a little. I watch as she pulls off her shirt overhead and now I’m living a world of contrast she is wearing a white corset against her black skin and it’s barely keeping her breasts up. The pants come down and I’m treated to the matching thong panties. I let Claire guide me onto the bed so that my head is resting on the pillows as she curls up next to me, her body pressed against my side and her leg draped over mine. “You give me the job, I’ll scare her, and I’ll make sure she doesn’t do it again. She’s my friend and it’s the least I can do for her,” Claire whispers kissing my chest. “It’s not your job,” I whisper back enjoying the touch. “But you’re the boss, you can give me the job,” she says lightly kissing her way down my body. When she started kissing down my body I had shorts on, I’m not wearing shorts now as I feel them around my ankles on the bed surprises me. The surprise turns to something familiar when I feel Claire’s tongue and lips gently persuading me to get hard. I feel the head of me enter her mouth and Claire begins working me with long slow strokes in and out of her mouth. Warm and stimulating as someone new works me over and it feels good but I tap her on the shoulder and get a look while I’m still in her mouth. I turn my finger around and I feel her grin as Claire swivels around and now I have a big black ass in my face with a white thong. I feel Clair continue working me over with her mouth as I pull the thong to the side ad see a trace of pink in the sea of brown flesh before diving in face first. I make it a point to tongue her hole and feel her shudder with the sensation of me invading. There could be a place for soft and sweet but it’s not here and now as Claire is going hard on me as I’m doing the same to her. She tastes bitter sweet but that’s nothing to dissuade me when I fall free from Claire’s mouth and she pushes back into my face moaning. I hear her getting louder and louder when she pulls away quickly and turns around facing me, the look in her eyes is lust and now she’s over my hips and has a hand on me rubbing the head in between her lips. Claire presses her hips down and I’m treated to a new tightness and warmth as she settles in on top of me, I keep myself still as slowly she rides me letting me feel her warm wet pussy all over my dick. I reach up and pull at the top of Claire’s corset allowing her large breasts to move freely in my hands. I’m massaging her nipples as she rides me with slow long strokes in and out of her pussy. We’re both breathing heavy when she smiles down at me and covers my hands with her own before speeding up. No light playful banter as I squeeze her nipples in between my fingers, Claire is bouncing hard I’m just trying to keep from falling out as she uses the whole length of my cock. We’re going hard when it happens, I fall out and then there something of a quiet moment where we’re both looking at each other and the wrestling match begins. It’s playful mind you and I’m smiling as we fight for position of who’s on top. I get Claire on her stomach and throw myself over her ass and when she feels my cock head at her entrance again. I push back inside and start hammering away at Claire using her meaty ass as a cushion. I put my hands over her shoulders, she’s shorter than me by a foot, and use that to brace her in place so she can’t get away. We’re both grunting and panting like animals as I take Clair like an animal hard and as I get close I lower my body down on top of hers resting on my elbows with my forearm under her neck. I bite her ear gently and growl as I feel her clamp down on me and its a few more strokes as I cum hard grunting and bucking into her sweet brown folds. We grind and pant heavily as I have her pinned before I roll off and it’s not two seconds later she starts chuckling. “Now I know why a white boy has five wives,” Claire tells me and I laugh with her. “It was their idea,” I reply as she pulls herself to me. “I have had sex like that since my husband. That was good,” she tells me cuddling in. “Well it’s yours if you want it but you need to be very clear on what happens next time because you’ll be there watching as I ruin Meredith’s life,” I tell her breaking the mood slightly. I watch her nod then smile as she crawls off the bed and grabbing her little bag heads to the bathroom. I wait for a minute and she comes back, still in the lingerie, and sits down on the bed making a phone call. “Hello Claire, I know you said you’d call when you could help but it’s really early,” I hear a tired Meredith on speaker phone. “He’s leaving it to me Meri. Your punishment is in my hands now and you get a warning because if you screw him over I have to come down there or it’s my family, not yours,” Claire says to her friend very serious. “So we’re okay, he’s not going to ruin Darren and I or our kids,” Meredith asks and Claire turns to look at me now. “I just got done proving that a black woman with a good ass can win most deals for you but you don’t understand what I mean. If you don’t follow the rules Meri Guy is going to bring me down there, we’re going to take Darren somewhere and he’s going to wish I’d never let him leave the hotel room. I’ll have to come down regularly so your husband can get what the brothers need when they come up to visit me. I’ll personally have to ruin sex with your husband for you and I don’t want to have to do that Meredith,” Claire tells her and I’m wide eyed and smiling,” Meredith tell us you understand. It’ll happen; I can take a good man and make him a good dog if I need to. You know how many guys in college lusted after my ass.” “I know Meredith, I’m sorry. Guy she said you’re there, I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking before I spoke but I’m thinking now,” Meri starts and I smile. “Alright Meredith I want you to hold your husband and value what I did for you. I mean really appreciate the bond I helped build because if it comes down to you and Claire I’m sorry but I think she’s going to pick her family over yours. As of now Meredith, we’re good,” I tell her and relax back onto the bed. Claire and Meredith continue to talk as Claire reassures her friend that it’s over and were good. I shoot Jun a message asking him to please realign my flight for home and let my wives know I’m going to be in and home by noon. Claire ends her call and I am treated to warm dark skinned woman keeping me warm tonight. We part ways the next morning after I shower and she needed to leave early. Jun had all my arrangements set up and I’m at the airport waiting to catch my flight when my coworkers start to blow up my device as they’ve seen their paydays. I send a group job well done to all and board for home. Good two weeks and a great payday, not long before we got to send Stuart back to college. I almost feel bad for Richard, his roommate, almost.Richard: around the beginning of the Claire Job God I love skiing, its better when you can fly somewhere and do it while listening to hot women with hot accents tell you about their lives before and after marathon fuck sessions provided by the Richard Abernathy. Back at the family estate in New York, not the city, I’m treated to my father’s usual talks about spending and I show him how I’ve been keeping things down at college so I can spend on vacation. The old man lets me have that one but hands me a notice of inactivity for a cash card, the one I gave Stuart. I check it and see a little bit of use before nothing, nothing in almost three months. He must have hooked up with Stephanie when she came over like she said she would. I like Stuart, he’s smarter than me and he’s got that good guy way about him that screams husband material, I think that’s why Stephanie was interested in him. Yeah he’s huge and a bit of a bad dresser but maybe I need to help with that? I figure I should call him and see about what he’s been up to. I know I screwed around with a couple girls he was into but so what, I’ll throw him some untouched by R.A. and he’ll be better this year, maybe even get him to a gym. My call isn’t even going to voicemail, number no longer in service. I call Stephanie and her line rings making me feel a little better when she answers. “Richard what are you doing calling? Are you backing in town,” Stephanie asks a little quickly. “No I’m still at the family home. Tried calling Stuart but his phone must be out of contract since he’s been with you this summer,” I tell her smiling,” How is the big guy? You mended him pretty good over the past few months.” “Richard, Stuart is gone,” Steph tells me and I freeze. “What do you mean gone, he had no plans and his Uncle drives truck for a living. Where did he go,” I ask confused and alarmed hoping he’s alright. “I don’t know people said they saw him talking to a man in a suit and then there were the goons in his room cleaning it out. I’m scared Richard, what if he did something like hack the government,” Steph asks afraid. “Stuart is a good guy, he wouldn’t fuck around like that,” I tell her but she’s quick to reply. “Yeah and you only spent a whole school year fucking every girl he had a shot with even me,” Stephanie says and I remember what I did,” Not to mention if he found out the few girls he’s been with you got to go with him since he was your wingman.” “Hey I took care of him; he didn’t suffer living with me. You make me sound like an asshole,” I growl into the phone getting pissed. “Well you weren’t a friend, I wasn’t a friend,” Stephanie says before starting to choke up,” I hope he’s not dead.” “Stop with the drama Steph, he’s fine. Probably went back to Montana where his parents are from,” I tell her and she cuts me off fast. “He’s from Alaska, his parents were Norwegian. Friend? More like he was your stooge,” Stephanie snaps at me before hanging up the phone. How could I fuck up where he’s from? Where did Stuart go? I got to make shit up to him when we get back to college if he’s there. Please be there man, only real friend I’ve had in three years.